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             Hewlett – Packard's merger with Compac seems to have hit the target with its cost cutting measure and seems to have sped up its schedule for savings by cutting jobs. Though it's hard to really gage the full benefit of the merger because of the sorry state of the technology market. The overall progress has been better then expected partly due to the same market, plus an intense pre-merger plan. The biggest question will be long term though and wither or not they can compete with Dell. Dell has moved into printer business and that could cause Hewlett – Packard problems money wise.
             Though the Merger between Hewlett – Packard and Compac was never a sure thing as far as being able to make money. It was a battle fought hard by one Carly Fiorina. She was booed at shareholders meetings by the employees, but in the end she won over skeptical investors to clear a path for the deal. There were many layoffs and loss of jobs but as the company has moved forward they are hiring back employees and still have a very successful printer business. It is basically do to her presence that the merger has gone as well as it did. There are still many things to be taken care of and problems that arise like the difference in how the companies are run. Compac has more of a go – go culture while Hewlett – Packard is more slow and steady. Carly Fiorina and her steadfast approach and determination to accomplish the merger and make two companies into one viable and profitable company seem like a deal.
             At first glance it would appear that they have made some pretty good moves to stay competitive. On a closer look the merger between Hewlett – Packard with Compac has caused mixed feelings from upper management and the everyday worker. The worker has seen and been involved with many layoffs while the company plans worldwide celebrations to mark the first year anniversary of the merger. This has b

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